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The ultimate 4 axes gyro stabilized head that’s silent in studio, rugged outdoors! Our new ‘QP’ software is now a standard on all Maximus 7 EVO units. WE’RE TURNING YOUR WORLD UPSIDE DOWN

HEAD PERFORMANCE - Incomparable stability, Unlimited movements in all directions, Complete freedom to be mounted in any position: top, bottom, cantilevered; transitions can occur while operating, need for levelling head, Keeps virtually perfect horizon even under continuous high G forces, Excellent static and dynamic stability allowing long lenses to be used, Wide payload inertia range, Silent in studio - rugged outdoor performance, Built in Dream Wireless video, Extremely Low drift rates, Shaker Mode - Allows the operator to simulate effects from ‘floating hand-held’ to ‘violent earthquake’ and anything in between.

MECHANICAL FEATURES - Compact size and light weight, Quick system mounting for all rigs- Mitchell mount included, Quickly accepts both 4’ and 6’ yoke extensions to accommodate the longest payloads, Weather resistant - conformal coated electronics
System Type: 4-axis carbon fiber gyro stabilized head, Head Weight: 76 lbs (35 kgs), Head Dimensions: L: 23.5’ W: 8’ H: 29.5’ (60 cm x 20 cmx 75 cm), Temperature: -29° to +49°C (-20° to 120°F), Pan, Tilt and Roll Limits: 360° Continuous in all axes, Pan and Tilt Speed: Up to 240° / sec, Payload: Wide variety of camera and lens configurations. 75 Ib payload plus

CONSOLE MODES - SpaceCam - mimicking SpaceCam operating conventions, SpaceCam 2 - maintains absolute control polarity with image on the screen even when camera is inverted, Zedir Pan Mode- allowing straight up or down pan movements with system auto-leveling when horizon is about to enter frame, Hard Mode-unstabilized, locked totally to position of mounting (coming soon)

SUB MODES - Follow Mode- selectable individually for Pan, Tilt and Roll, Roll Stick - selectable velocity and position control modes. In position mode, roll returns to position of origin when roll stick is released, Optional Shaker Mode

CONSOLE FEATURES - Stick functions swappable for lefties, Dynaglide wheel control unit. Various wheel inertias available upon request as well as optional variable drag system, Optional military style strain gauge hand-held joystick, Controls can be individually tailored for all aspects of control response, polarity, smoothing, etc., Option for remote power on/off for cable rigs and cranes, Wireless operation up to 1.5 miles (2.4 kms) with option of 10 miles (16 kms), Motion record and motion playback capability- Control console magnetically attaches for swift change-ups, Dedicated controls for 95% of common functions, Console weight is 6.5 lbs (2.3 kgs), Sculpted foam magnetic lap console mount available

APPLICATIONS - Maximus 7 is the most versatile 4 axes gyro stabilized head on the market today. It’s ability to go from camera car to studio makes it the ‘go to’ head for all your filming needs including: Motorcycles, Cable Rigs, Boats, Jib Arms, Standard Cranes, Helicopters, Dollies, ATV's, Studio, Telescopic Cranes, Camera Cars, Motorized Arm Cars

CREDITS - Maximus 7 and its predecessor, Oculus, have been featured on a number of films to date. Here is a partial list of credits. Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Mission Impossible 6, La La Land, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean 5, Independence day 2, Predator 1 & 2, Star Trek, King Kong-Scull Island, Planet of the Apes, Magnificent 7, Star Wars, Power Rangers

Imaad Siddiq | Rentals Manager | M: +971553 289 289 | E: imaad@TOP CLASSfilm.ae

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